Dear Prospective Volunteer:Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Walnut Avenue Women’s Center where our mission is to provide high quality support and services to women, children and families so they might have the skills and opportunities to thrive.  There are many programs in which to volunteer your time. The Walnut Avenue Women’s Center has five core programs and there are volunteer opportunities in all of our programs.PLEASE NOTE: If you are under the age of 18 please stop by our office to pick up a parental consent form. The volunteer positions open to minors are in our Early Childhood Education program. Once you have turned in your completed parental consent form we will give you contact information to schedule an interview with our Early Childhood Education Director. Minors do not attend the general volunteer orientation.1. ORIENTATION:  To sign up for the next volunteer orientation call 831-426-3062 and tell the receptionist you would like to sign up for the next volunteer orientation.2. REVIEW VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK: Volunteer Handbook3. APPLICATION: Fill out the application you received at the volunteer orientation.4. MEET WITH VOLUNTEER PROGRAM MANAGER: Call 831-426-3062  to schedule a meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator.  If you have selected a program or volunteer opportunity that requires you to get fingerprinted or get a TB test, please complete these steps prior to scheduling your meeting with the volunteer coordinator.5. TRAINING: Training requirements depend on the program selected for your volunteer commitment.6. COMMITMENT: Particular programs do have minimum time commitment requirements but we are happy to work with volunteers on creating short and long term volunteer opportunities.This may sound like a long process but because of the nature of our services, it is necessary for us to know as much about you and prepare you for your volunteer work with our participants.The Walnut Avenue Women’s Center has more volunteers than paid staff. We simply could not begin to serve all of the participants who walk through our door without a strong, committed volunteer base.Make a DifferenceBecause when families thrive our community thrives!24 Hour Domestic Violence Hotline1-866-269-2559Join Our Mailing ListFollow Us!Events CalendarSearch:LoginUsername: Password: Remember me 303 Walnut Avenue Santa Cruz CA 95060. All Rights Reserved 2010. Walnut Avenue Women’s Center | Empowered for Social Good by Atawe Design