Life Skills Workshops

Walnut Avenue Women’s Center offers life skills workshops that stimulate discussion and awareness about a variety of important and often hard-to-discuss topics. These workshops encourage young people to critically examine themselves, their communities, and society as a whole.  Trained facilitators lead workshops in classrooms, after school programs, group homes, and other community based organizations.

Our programs create an atmosphere that fosters self-esteem and self-awareness amongst everyone participating.

The Healthy Relationships Workshop

The “Healthy Relationships Workshop” is a creative and interactive workshop which promotes healthy relationships and dialogue around issues of dating and domestic violence. This workshop has been created based on the high prevalence of teen dating violence and domestic violence across the United States and the world.  Topics include teen dating violence, power and control, gender, and healthy relationships.  Facilitators create a comfortable atmosphere for youth to share and express their own values and beliefs around relationships. They are taught about local resources and ways to help their friends who may encounter teen dating violence or domestic violence.

“I really liked your program.  I learned a lot, and it was really, really helpful.  Thank you!”  – Workshop Participant

I Decide

“I Decide” is a comprehensive sex education program that promotes healthy decision making.  The facilitators use concrete lessons in order for youth to grasp and retain the valuable information. “I Decide” investigates assumptions and beliefs about gender and sexuality through the exploration of healthy relationships, sexuality, birth control, reproductive anatomy, alternatives to sex, ways to deal with peer pressure, and problem solving and communication skills. This workshop promotes critical thinking skills so the youth are reminded that they are the experts in their own lives in order to think about their future based on their current decisions.

“I liked how you explained things.  I learned a lot, like where you can get help.” – Workshop Participant

“I like the fact that you guys were so open, and even shared with us your own personal experiences.” – Workshop Participant