Associated Programs

African American Community Health Project

Founded in spring of 1998, ABC responded to the need for  culturally appropriate education and outreach to African-Americans on the central coast. Our goals are to make a healthier African-American community through: Education, Support,  Advocacy and Leadership.

Our mission is to empower African-Americans to be active and informed health consumers and survivors through self-help activities and health education. We work to create a dialogue with the community at large about racial disparities in health and the need for cultural and  racial sensitivity.

Ongoing Projects:

“Healthy for Life”, a series of health education lectures promoting healthy choices including nutrition, disease prevention and maintenance

“Sisters Reaching Sisters” & “Reaching Brothers”, tailored peer outreach promoting early cancer detection & screening

“Juneteenth Health Fair”, annual community health forum including general health information and free health screening held at Louden Center

Resource Library, support groups, 1 to 1 trained peer health outreach workers, university interns, community, church and salon outreach

Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday 9-4pm
Meetings:     1 Friday evening per quarter 7p.m



The California Center of Excellence for Trauma Informed Care

This program trains professionals and provides information and support to social service agencies to help them better understand the impact of trauma on the brain, decision-making and coping, and design programs, policies and procedures to respond effectively to traumatized individuals and populations.