Walnut Avenue Women’s Center loves volunteers! In fact, we wouldn’t be able to do so many of the wonderful things we do here without them.

Over the past year, our volunteers donated nearly 35,000 hours of time to the Walnut Avenue Women’s Center. This is equal to over 16 full time positions! Almost 70% of the services at Walnut Avenue Women’s Center are provided by trained volunteers.

So, what does this mean to our community? It means youth get mentors to help them navigate the challenges of experiencing violence in their homes and the adventures that come with adolescence; battered women have a caring voice to listen to them when they call our 24 hours Domestic Violence Crisis hotline; participants have a save person to care for their children while they are attending groups or workshops offered by Walnut Avenue Women’s Center; infants, toddlers and preschoolers learn in an optimal environment for their success; food bags are ready every week; and there is a compassionate human to greet you at our door.


Volunteer Orientations are held at Walnut Avenue Women’s Center. For dates & times call our office at (831) 426-3062 . For more information, please refer to our Volunteer Page.